Buying a home is an adventure into uncharted waters for many people. Fortunately, you don’t have to chart the course alone. Having a professional real estate agent as part of your crew will make things less stressful and give you a strong voice during the home buying process.


💻 What Real Estate Agents Do

Your real estate agent is a skilled navigator and negotiator. Their experience and knowledge about the current real estate market, the local community, and the legalities of buying a property will save you time and money.

From the moment they join your crew, they will begin by listening to your unique needs and desires when it comes to the perfect home. They may ask you for a wish list that gives them a direction when looking at listings. At that point, they will choose properties that closely match your criteria. This is a valuable time saver that keep you on target with your home ownership goals.

They will assist you with the paperwork, staging, offer creation, and any negotiations that come from your offer. They’ll be present when you have questions and will do their best to make your transaction as stress-free as possible.

🖥️ Where to Find Real Estate Agents

Choosing the right real estate agent for your experience is important because you’ll be trusting them to help you with one of the biggest investments of your life. A good place to begin your search is with friends and family members who’ve had a recent real estate transaction. Referrals are the lifeblood of many agents, so you can rest assured that they take these seriously.

This is the age of the internet search, and when you’re looking for a real estate agent, it makes sense to do a bit of investigating online. Many agents have reviews on their Facebook pages or websites that can offer insight into their business practices. Once you find an agent that appeals to you, it’s time to set up an interview.

🗣 What to Ask During an Interview

It’s a good idea to have a set of questions written down before you meet with the real estate agent. You’ll want to ask questions about the area and their expertise as a buyer’s agent. It helps to have someone on your crew that knows exactly which communities within the area will most closely meet your needs.

Ask them questions about how they plan to communicate with you during the home buying process. Pay attention to their attentiveness to your needs. If you prefer to be contacted via text or e-mail, you want a real estate agent who feels comfortable they can meet those expectations. If you would rather have a phone call or meet in person, you want the right fit for your communication needs.

Ask the real estate agent why they chose to work in real estate. Their answer gives you a view into what motivates them.

👥 Can I Choose a Different Reach Estate Agent?

No one wants to think about it, but sometimes things happen that we don’t expect. A month into your home search, for some reason you can’t predict, you want to find a different real estate agent. It’s important to make this question a part of your interview process so that you know exactly what steps to take if you need to make a change.

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🙋‍♂️ Hiring Friends and Family Members

It’s tempting to choose a family member or friend who happens to work within the real estate industry. They know you, and you might feel that you’ll get a better deal along the way. Unfortunately, complications along the way could end up fracturing your precious relationship. Once cracked, relationships are sometimes difficult to repair, especially if they involve business deals or large sums of money. There’s nothing wrong with letting your family member or friend know that you value them for more than their real estate experience and that you’ll be working with someone outside of your circle.

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